Devlog #31

After two delays, two weeks, here is the blog post! There was a lot of issues with some game breaking bugs which took a lot of time to find and fix! also some problems with remaking party system so now people dont need to register they can just create party/join party in main menu, simple, all you need is a party code, also you can copy link that directly joins the party! pretty neat I KNOW! also been streaming on twitch for the past 9 days now, so, check it out if you want (monday-friday) sometimes at saturday but I dont promise to stream on weekends.

P.S today is my birthday, thank you very much


3D stuff-zsh

Worked on the battle pass items, which gonna be the first battle pass when we finish the whole system and the customizations, here is a little preview:

But also made some two extra hats just for fun (might use it in future, or just put it in the game)


So, at start when we made chests it was just a chest, you pay coins, open it, do it over, one chest, different chances per rarity, sooo, now I... Continue Reading

Devlog #30

Guess its time to write a new devlog, to be honest, there wasnt as much things done this couple weeks, but its something


Dance Moves

Been probably watching main menu screen for atleast ~10hours the past 2 weeks, testing all the things, parties, friends, rewards etc. and it always been so plane and static, so! To make it more alive, I have added dances, there is currently 5, more will be added with time, I’m aiming at having 10 (so there is bigger variety), so player’s dance in main menu and in game at random times, unless player is moving then there is no dancing.

Here is a little preview of all the dances there is:

Interface improvements

So, I had improved the main menu interface.
Made all buttons same color and added icons also completely reworked alert/feed interface system, so now it will be super easy to configure, still missing some properties like different animation etc. but now I can use the same system one code for all the menus and all the games, current ones and... Continue Reading

Devlog #29

New year, new devlog, been putting in more work on the astrodud, wanting to get all the main features done and some maps too, then moving onto mobile release and might try to do a standalone pc client as some people having low fps due to their hardware acceleration being turned off



So this is one of the features thats was necessary, a party mode, which as the title says, will allow players to group up to a 3-man party so you can invite your friends to play and you all be moved into the same match.
Party leader can kick or invite members, members can leave the party, leader is in-charge of starting the game.All party members can be seen from sides, here’s a little preview:


Friend system is an ‘addition’ to the party system, as you can add/remove/invite your friends and know when they are offline etc. so its pretty much simple as that, heres a little preview of friends UI:


So as I said in the last devlog, I wanted to get in on the customizations, and so I did.There is about ~50 items to choose from now, 4 categories, which are:... Continue Reading

Happy new year 2021

Hi you guys, happy new year, its 2021 now, hope all of you a great year, health and wealth, not let your dreams be dreams.Was kinda sad year with all the coronapocalypse, but we are here.

Will be writing this blog to reflect on everything that has been done this year and all the little achievements there were, not a lot, some projects missed some done some not, some WIP, but it is what it is.



Been working on void engineer for the first half year, did a lot of things, all main features, but we ran into abyss with thinking about the gameplay circle, which was too wide range for it to be able to gather players by its own without too much tutorials in it, so it was post poned, as we came up with another game idea AstroDud

This is the game that been launched and we updated it frequently, first we release it with two maps and basic gameplay features, nothing much, just play button and walking.

Then we made more maps, more features, gameplay stuff, like boosts and different type of maps and gamemodes, more competitive feel and satisfaction for when you are better then... Continue Reading

Devlog #28

Been working on for the past 3 weeks now non-stop so will write the blog of all the material there is as its been like 3 weeks too since the last one, probably will be a different layout as its not per-day basis, will write more just what I did the individually what I did each day.


Map Voting

Been thinking about this a lot, so began making it, its almost done, just a simple your everyday map voting system.

When game ends, you are in the “endscreen” and there is all the options (they are random) for next map/game to be, when 50% of players online voted the waiting time is reduced to 5-10seconds.Shows how many voted per map/game basis, heres a little preview:


Made small little checkpoint system, checkpoint can be identified by having lolipops on sides and when its triggered/reached/online it changes from black/grey to red&white

Will be useful for future, bigger maps as its really stressful to start over each time, it should improve gameplay to not be such pain in the ass


Made some sort of background, now there is hot air balloons, blimps and clouds, might do something more... Continue Reading

Devlog #27

Started week working on and didnt stop until now, after the blog I will work more on it, have some more features and maps in mind, hope to have like 10-20 maps by the end of the year


  • Fixed texts in endscreen for surival gamemode
  • Race map fence fixed (ends were black)
  • Finish line trigger/hitbox more accurate
  • Race endscreen’s leaderboard fixed
  • Bots tweaked, when stuck they unstuck themselves (geniuses)


  • Not showing videoad button in endscreen if player is not logged in
  • Remade bot spawning, now it will be way better for all future’s gamemodes and maps
  • Bot jumping and pushing remade, better, more accurate, tracking target etc.
  • Created new race map which is “Jumping Jacks”:
  • Added some explanation texts when logging in and when game ends and if not logged in to inform that astrocoins wont be saved
  • Fixed not showing “E to knockout” overlay on player if you are knocked out


  • Brand new survival map “Wiper Survival”:
  • Fixed respawning bugs that used to throw errors when game ends
  • Fixed endscreen errors
  • Added twitter button back to main menu
  • Improved bot system to work with wiper survival, also works better with other maps that require jumping


  • Double jumping made, second jump knocks you out for 1seconds and you jump... Continue Reading

Devlog #26 – AstroDud Launch

This was astrodud’s final week, we been delaying the launch for quite some time, always been some minor problems and few major ones, but the game was pretty much done for at least a month now.
But now its for sure done and ready for its ‘Alpha’ launch or whatever, there are only 2maps at the moment, will add more maps, gamemodes and other content for the next month and shall see if its worth working on it more!

  • Fixed time running out issue, which used to not stop the server after time ran out
  • Singleplayer/Practice mode now start immediately, no wait time
  • Tweaked end screen positioning, to make all names visible
  • Added some coins in maps (thinking about making some boosts/buffs all across the maps)

and the game is out!

✔️ Make first 3d game
✔️ Make first 3d mutiplayer game
🐦🐦🗿 2 Birds one stone

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Howdy partner,
Wanted to inform you, that just launched a shop!


In shop, all etsy listings are way cheaper, faster and simpler to purchase, hoping to reach 500 listings in the shop this year and maybe 1000 next year, want to make it the best streamer art and template shop in the world!


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Devlog #25


Nothing to tell about this week, whole week was spent making bots/ai and they still are not done, they work now on race maps, but still didnt make the logic for honey comb, but should be done tomorrow.This is probably one of the hardest thing I have worked on in gamedev, there were so many small problems that were so stupid, a lot of raycasting, checking, navmeshes, with pathfinding, but boy oh boy it will be finished.

One of the bugs I tried to find for an hour on thursday:

I did a lot of debugging and commented a lot of code, thought i missed something as bot was going trough the ball not getting knocked out, when i moved the scene view up close, I saw that its not the case, ball never hit the bot.. What are the chances of bot going in that speed, that place, ball bouncing at the right spot at the right height..

Gonna report next week, should have a playable version by then, as the game is finished in itself just small tweaks are left.

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Devlog #24



  • Player material created for less friction between ground
  • Honeycomb networked, platform disappears and sync between all players



  • Knock out synced between players now, when you get knocked out all players will see your position correctly
  • Made fence to have no friction
  • Ice/slippy material created for moving particle course in race0 map
  • Fixed models with reseting rotations and scales in blender (idk why i didnt do it when i was making models)
  • Fixed disappearing platforms, so that when its disappeared layer would be set to “ignore raycasts”
  • Created feature for pushing players, player is pushed with forced and knocked out
  • Mobile movement, jumping and pushing buttons made, pushed button indicates when pushing charged



  • Race0 map made longer, all courses increased by 50%
  • Made so that wipers, moving obstacles, balls would apply force to player when hit so its pushed away from the collision point



  • Player particles synced between all clients
  • Footstep sound, landing on ground sound, jumping sound, coin picking sound
  • Push animation, synchronized, it looks like a punch, why not



  • After respawning/dying reset players position and rotaiton and undo the knockout
  • Loading authentication interfaces



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