Devlog #28

Been working on for the past 3 weeks now non-stop so will write the blog of all the material there is as its been like 3 weeks too since the last one, probably will be a different layout as its not per-day basis, will write more just what I did the individually what I did each day.


Map Voting

Been thinking about this a lot, so began making it, its almost done, just a simple your everyday map voting system.

When game ends, you are in the “endscreen” and there is all the options (they are random) for next map/game to be, when 50% of players online voted the waiting time is reduced to 5-10seconds.Shows how many voted per map/game basis, heres a little preview:


Made small little checkpoint system, checkpoint can be identified by having lolipops on sides and when its triggered/reached/online it changes from black/grey to red&white

Will be useful for future, bigger maps as its really stressful to start over each time, it should improve gameplay to not be such pain in the ass


Made some sort of background, now there is hot air balloons, blimps and clouds, might do something more in the future, with plans on expanding to different “planets”

Little preview:

New maps and new obstacles

So been making few new maps each week, will try to have 10 maps before the end of the year

New survival map which I call “shape shift”, you stand on platform island and shapes are coming towards you, and ofcourse, you need to avoid them or you will be disqualified, heres a little preview of the map:

New race map, in which I introduce new obstacles, such as “lucky doors” and “hammer-spin” small preview of map and obstacles:

Account stats

So what I really wanted to do is to track all games played, stats done in those games and so on, and to be able to display it for the players, there isnt too many things to display or track yet but its a nice starting point for future updates.Here is the little preview of “account info” panel:


Boosts will make gameplay more fun in my opinion, and not as linear, might add more boosts in the future, such as bigger jumps or invisibility etc.

But, for now there are only these:
• Megapunch, your push is 10x stronger and you have boxing gloves on your hands
• Wings, your speed is 2x bigger and you have wings on your feet/shoes
• Shield, you are unpushable/unknockable, so no one can push you around!


  • Spent couple days adding dynamic and static batching to the game to reduce the amount of draw calls there is, which increases performance a bit, remade all materials to make them reusable. Reduced vertices per model by ~40% total with no big difference in visuals. Settings/Pause menu now have more options, for gameplay/interface/quality so you can set quality to be very low to play on super shitty devices, there may be more settings in future
  • Disappearing platforms made to shake when they are triggered to identify its gonna disappear soon.
  • Made finish/endscreen for race gamemode to have a little numbers “#1 #2 #3” on the platforms, just a little visual upgrade I think it looks nice, heres a pic:
  • Fixed a lot of bugs with various different things, biggest of them was respawning sometimes scuffed-up
  • FPS and PING display on bottom left corner of the screen
  • Exit game confirmation to avoid all the miss-clicks


It looked more before writing it, guess need to work harder, see ya next time