Devlog #27

Started week working on and didnt stop until now, after the blog I will work more on it, have some more features and maps in mind, hope to have like 10-20 maps by the end of the year


  • Fixed texts in endscreen for surival gamemode
  • Race map fence fixed (ends were black)
  • Finish line trigger/hitbox more accurate
  • Race endscreen’s leaderboard fixed
  • Bots tweaked, when stuck they unstuck themselves (geniuses)


  • Not showing videoad button in endscreen if player is not logged in
  • Remade bot spawning, now it will be way better for all future’s gamemodes and maps
  • Bot jumping and pushing remade, better, more accurate, tracking target etc.
  • Created new race map which is “Jumping Jacks”:
  • Added some explanation texts when logging in and when game ends and if not logged in to inform that astrocoins wont be saved
  • Fixed not showing “E to knockout” overlay on player if you are knocked out


  • Brand new survival map “Wiper Survival”:
  • Fixed respawning bugs that used to throw errors when game ends
  • Fixed endscreen errors
  • Added twitter button back to main menu
  • Improved bot system to work with wiper survival, also works better with other maps that require jumping


  • Double jumping made, second jump knocks you out for 1seconds and you jump more forward
  • Max players now depend on map, auto set by the amount of spawns in that map
  • Created new platform for maps “Round Wiper Platform”:
  • Created new map “Long Road”:
  • Tweaked bot obstacle avoidance system, more accurate, less dumb
  • Moved the jump in the first race map closer, easier to finish now, bots are 3x more efficient as that jump used to be 3 units long


  • Created feed, shows disqualified, victory and disconnect :
  • Tweaked moving obstacles
  • Made moving obstacles to have a line at the bottom, to show the path of obstacle


Spent two damn day making map selection interface, was such a stupid mistake, fixed it after my workout in minutes, when before I was trying for multiple hours, feel stupid, but what you gonna do, it works:

Still thinking if it should be implemented in such a early stage of the game, as not a lot of players and would make player base smaller for those who select only one or two maps so POSTPONED