Devlog #30

Guess its time to write a new devlog, to be honest, there wasnt as much things done this couple weeks, but its something


Dance Moves

Been probably watching main menu screen for atleast ~10hours the past 2 weeks, testing all the things, parties, friends, rewards etc. and it always been so plane and static, so! To make it more alive, I have added dances, there is currently 5, more will be added with time, I’m aiming at having 10 (so there is bigger variety), so player’s dance in main menu and in game at random times, unless player is moving then there is no dancing.

Here is a little preview of all the dances there is:

Interface improvements

So, I had improved the main menu interface.
Made all buttons same color and added icons also completely reworked alert/feed interface system, so now it will be super easy to configure, still missing some properties like different animation etc. but now I can use the same system one code for all the menus and all the games, current ones and future ones.
Also changed the platform on which player stands in main menu and in end-screen, made it have a texture which adds it more detail, and looks way better in my opinion.

There is more to go to complete the interface as I’m still not happy with how it is currently, also I will be changing other interfaces too, game interface and end-screen interface so it would be more clear and clean, very nice. Here’s just an image of interface today:


For a long time, like since the beginning, there was actually no or almost no sounds in the game, there was jumping, knockout and footsteps, but still.. Lacked a lot, but not anymore, added all needed sound effects, which makes game a bit better and more fun, as its not static emptiness. Nothing to show so just go to and check it yourself haha

Features that probably wont exist in game

Been working on some fun things in game, experimenting and what not, but I’m not 100% positive it will be in the game, soon, now or ever

Balloon boost

I been working on boosts, there is few in game, but this one is a new one that is not in game yet, maybe wont be, but its fun.
You pickup the balloon, you have it attached to you (got the idea from “UP!” movie) and once you jump you float more, so you can jump longer distances, which is quite fun. Here’s a little preview:

Bomb carrying (new gamemode)

This is quite unfinished yet, just wanted to experiment with animation layers and carrying stuff without moving arms by different animation sets, and it worked out, i needed to re-export the armature and change root joint location on all animations, but I did it, really hope I implement this into the game fully. Here is a little preview, just the animation, as theres nothing else at the moment:

The End

So… pretty unimpressive devlog, there is some things done, but not a lot, I mean not a lot to write about, there was a lot of issues with friend system found and party system, like sync the messages/notifications so there is not need to refresh friend list etc. your friends see when you come online etc. Just things like that, things that require a lot of testing and has a lot of scenarios to cover, but next couple of weeks will be promising, at least they should be!