Devlog #25


Nothing to tell about this week, whole week was spent making bots/ai and they still are not done, they work now on race maps, but still didnt make the logic for honey comb, but should be done tomorrow.This is probably one of the hardest thing I have worked on in gamedev, there were so many small problems that were so stupid, a lot of raycasting, checking, navmeshes, with pathfinding, but boy oh boy it will be finished.

One of the bugs I tried to find for an hour on thursday:

I did a lot of debugging and commented a lot of code, thought i missed something as bot was going trough the ball not getting knocked out, when i moved the scene view up close, I saw that its not the case, ball never hit the bot.. What are the chances of bot going in that speed, that place, ball bouncing at the right spot at the right height..

Gonna report next week, should have a playable version by then, as the game is finished in itself just small tweaks are left.