Devlog #13

Was one of the worst weeks I had, feel really unmotivated and lazy, tired, really hot weather, no ac, struggle is real what can I say. Plans for next week is to make some more progress with farm rage interface’s, release as its already been done for two weeks, just sitting, due to my is officialy finished and available for use. What is it ? StreamKit is a website which is for streamers and content creators, I always wanted to make a tool for people who just started streaming, making content online or created communities.I have been making art for a long time, commissions and selling stuff digitaly,

Devlog #12

This week was all work, I finally finished it, but now its third day and cant keep me motivated to release it and promote it on the internet, hoping to do it this week, also worked a bit on Void.Engineer which is coming to release soon too! Monday StreamKit.App Made confirmation of payment, you

Devlog #11

This week was only for the streaming emote StreamKit, void engineer is almost finished and kinda stopped for a week now, should be done this month too just like the StreamKit should be. Monday Made style name show in main page for selecting the style Tuesday Made NodeJS/SocketIO server for fetching listings from Etsy, storing

Devlog #10

Was a decent week, not much of work done, but felt better this week, kinda weird how long this week was, like, I didnt code anything for few days and it felt like few weeks.. Weird.. Also one thing I’am thinking about with other project/projects is filming Devlogs for Youtube, previewing progress, talking about progress

Devlog #9

This whole week was kinda hard mentally, feel like im losing it, maybe its a bit cuz of corona, i always think of what am i doing with my life and that im doing not enough, i would like to had achieved something, ant thinking bout’ that stuff makes me sad… Thinking of making a

Devlog #8

Did not work with the games at all and Im kinda happy about it, its been months, years since I did not work or thought about making a game, but now, this week was kinda nice, worked only with PHP and the upcoming week will be half that too, really like making browser apps and

Devlog #7

Week was kinda productive not gonna lie, I made few fixes and changes and other stuff for void engineer and started new mini project with javascript and php, a website which I’m gonna talk more later on. Tuesday Skipped monday because I felt down all day.But started the second day of week Wreckage looting fixed

Devlog #6

Progress 0, dont even know what did this week, tought about games making, started tweaking new game’s UI, got a little bored of void engineer so started making interface for farmrage (another game which is waayy more simple then void engineer) so made a little animations for buttons and shining effect for buttons etc. kinda

Devlog #5

Whole week was kinda productive, but did not have a lot to do or think of doing, so just rolled with the fixes of bugs and little tweaks there and there Monday Created new challenge : loot wreckages Fixed item pop info to work everywhere on every slots Created nametag item, which can be dragged