Devlog #23

Monday AstroDud Animations for the character Spawn points are found in the map and held in server to spawn players, when spawning checks for a free spawn point When player is outside the map he will be respawned Nametags added, your controlling player will have an arrow pointing down Collisions for side walls and ramps

Devlog #22

Life is sad, nothing changed in that sense this week, just worked more on the new game AstroDud , made enough progress, not enough to make me satisfied, but its something, will try to have it up and running in a week, max 2 weeks Monday AstroDud Modeled ‘AstroCoin’ which is the currency of the

Devlog #21

Took a little break from Void.Engineer and started making a small ‘little’ game inspired by Fall Guys, which will be browser based, free, not a copy of fall guys, a simpler version. Monday AstroDud Me and my friend that im making games with, come up with an idea about the game like fall guys, being

Devlog #20

Took about a week off from August 3rd to 10th, had to think about something, continued tweaking Void.Engineer but as the game becomes more and more finished, there is less and less to write about that would be at least somewhat interesting. Monday Void.Engineer Fixed damage pop text, that shows the damage, state of the

Devlog #19

World gets sadder each day, still trying to work on the game, cant look forward to future, because I dont see the future anymore, just now. Monday Void.Engineer Bulding menu finished up, made so that buildings would cost resources and added correct icons of the buildings, also the icon of the buildings shows up on

Devlog #18

Was quite hard week mentally, didnt accomplish a lot, main fact being that Void.Engineer is coming to the publishing line and all it needs is tweaks, changing values and what not, which isnt as fun, and takes some time and feels exhausting to do, but after its done, it will be release and should begin

Devlog #17

This week was a week off a bit, needed to reflect on all the content and stuff I make and should make, no video Devlog too, streamed only ~8hours, from now on I will try to Stream at least 5hours a day, atleast 5 days a week, hoping to avg. about 30hours a week of

Devlog #16

Received nice feedback on the Devlog, which is great and gives me more motivation to not just make Devlogs but to work on a game in general to have more to show off, which is great, also managed to Stream 5 days this week, which is ~18 hours in total, not a lot, my goal

Devlog #15

Started daily streaming, making Devlog videos on Youtube channel, I also upload the VOD’s of Streams there Monday Void.Engineer Made buildings have scriptable objects, so it holds the base info of the buildings, such as : prefab, price, name, max health and limit(of how many these buildings can be on single planet) Buildings database class,

Devlog #14

Stopped using SourceTree, it’s the trashiest git client I have ever come to, never using it again, it caused so many struggles and internal pain, whoever develops it, stop, ok.. Using GitAhead from now on, simple, doesnt lag like a bitch, commiting works like it should 🙏 Monday Void.Engineer Bank resources loading and saving (forgot