Happy new year 2021

Hi you guys, happy new year, its 2021 now, hope all of you a great year, health and wealth, not let your dreams be dreams.Was kinda sad year with all the coronapocalypse, but we are here.

Will be writing this blog to reflect on everything that has been done this year and all the little achievements there were, not a lot, some projects missed some done some not, some WIP, but it is what it is.



Been working on void engineer for the first half year, did a lot of things, all main features, but we ran into abyss with thinking about the gameplay circle, which was too wide range for it to be able to gather players by its own without too much tutorials in it, so it was post poned, as we came up with another game idea AstroDud


This is the game that been launched and we updated it frequently, first we release it with two maps and basic gameplay features, nothing much, just play button and walking.

Then we made more maps, more features, gameplay stuff, like boosts and different type of maps and gamemodes, more competitive feel and satisfaction for when you are better then others.

This years last update will be customizations, friend system, party system and chest/case unboxing to get customization items, that will add a way of spending coins and after it we will probably concentrate on releasing game on mobile then continuing our journey.


This was kinda interesting experience and idea, been making badges and overlays for streamers for the past year or two and wanted to make this process a lot easier and cheaper for the beginners so they wouldnt pay for a fully custom juicer emotes/badges at high price, instead use a template and customize it for their preference.

At this point there is 5 styles to choose from, cartoon persona, round head, bit badges, sharks/dolphins and dogs, but hope within this year add even more and start fully promoting it online

Not only that, I made my own custom shop for the streamkit on which all the listings are a bit cheaper then on etsy, will keep updating it too, really like where this project is going.


This year worked a lot on my etsy store, created a lot of listings for it, began updating it frequently, getting better in photoshop and illustrations.
Worked a lot with blender and 3d modeling, made a lot of models for astrodud all the customizations and what not, will try to be even better this year, making some characters and rigs/animations.

Also at the beginning of the year I finally build my first pc, I been using the same old setup for the past 8years, and upgraded it fully, as my old one began getting slower and slower, so this was kinda nice upgrade.

Tryed to start my youtube channel, posted some videos, but then kinda drove off of it, so will try to get back on posting and building the audience, would love to stream daily development but dont know how that will go.

Been working out, lost some excess weight, theres still a long road to go, but its a start, it had to be done.

2021 roadmap

So I guess this year there should be more goals and things done then the year before, so this is my roadmap of things I shall do this year

  • Release astrodud on mobile and probably, no, for sure! a standalone client
  • Create a new sport-style game and get it out on webgl, windows client and mobile
  • Finish up and release void.engineer
  • Create 50 etsy listings
  • Create few more styles and finally promote streamkit
  • Learn to create beats and sound effects
  • Lose 30lbs/14kg