Devlog #4

Monday Absolutely and totaly nothing, except I drew an overlay pack for streamers in the new game ‘Valorant’ theme (available on Etsy): Tuesday Whole day was assigned to making the auction house, the place where players can sell items and other players can buy them, pretty simple system, will be almost only way to buy/sell

Fun things – Devlog #3

This week was focused on some fun things and not so fun bug fixes and small changes for void engineer Monday-Tuesday Monday was very bad day in terms of progress made in programming or in general.Tuesday was better as I had clear vision of what I was going to do. Daily & Weekly gifts Yes,

The stuff – Devlog #2

Welcome back for second week of Devlog, lets talk bout this week, shall we ?! Monday Woke up at 8:30AM motivated to work on void engineer, first finished up some fiverr orders to start the day right, then made some small changes and fixes on void engineer, nothing major yet, just some small useful stuff.