Devlog #4


Absolutely and totaly nothing, except I drew an overlay pack for streamers in the new game ‘Valorant’ theme (available on etsy):


Whole day was assigned to making the auction house, the place where players can sell items and other players can buy them, pretty simple system, will be almost only way to buy/sell items.You drag the item in the slot, set the price, and click sell and you add it to the list, if someone buys you get the money, if no one buys it in the time period it disappears and seller gets the item back however the fee he paid wont be returned:


Made some small changes:

  • Fixed chatbox
  • Finished droid repairing in Droid Care Center
  • Made an upgrade for account (chance of warpgate appearing)
  • Created callback for when slot is changed, currently used it only for droid care center to know when the droid is selected to calculate repair price

Merchant Station

Merchant station is the only other place where you can buy something, items at the moment are always the same in the future it will be that it changes the listings after x hours.:


List of changes ive done

Fun things – Devlog #3

This week was focused on some fun things and not so fun bug fixes and small changes for void engineer


Monday was very bad day in terms of progress made in programming or in general.Tuesday was better as I had clear vision of what I was going to do.

Daily & Weekly gifts

Yes, that’s right, made daily and weekly gifts, which isnt a big deal as its just a simple system that gives people gifts every day or/and every week, and if you miss a day or a week it resets and you start from the bottom, each reward is better.

Made simple list of all objects that are available to redeem as rewards for coming back and after you reach certain amount of days they repeat but they repeat with the you days streak multiplier so it goes forever.

Daily gifts would be not so big deal, just some resources or currency in-game, and weekly rewards would be something special, like items that are super rare, so yeah it was kinda fun feature to make, and will be more this weak.


Minor things that got done today:

  • Made ships booster size limited, as until now they depended on speed,... Continue Reading

The stuff – Devlog #2

Welcome back for second week of devlog, lets talk bout this week, shall we ?!


Woke up at 8:30AM motivated to work on void engineer, first finished up some fiverr orders to start the day right, then made some small changes and fixes on void engineer, nothing major yet, just some small useful stuff.

  • Fixed statistics (Account upgrades) interface when the upgrade description used to be too long and it would overlap with buttons
  • Fixed the bug with chatbox when it would not scroll to the bottom of the list when new message was created.
  • Added new account upgrade (asteroid drop chance) which increases drop chance of better resources when destroying asteroids
  • Remade some of the droid code to make then Go to planet -> mine resources until droid’s backpack is full -> come back to ship to deposit resources -> repeat
  • Changed up droid’s equiped panel to now show the state and position of the droid, so you know if its already mining on the planet, flying to the planet, flying back, how far the droid is from/to the planet, which is useful

To finish the day, watched the movie ‘Vivarium’ mainly... Continue Reading