Devlog #26 – AstroDud Launch

This was astrodud’s final week, we been delaying the launch for quite some time, always been some minor problems and few major ones, but the game was pretty much done for at least a month now.
But now its for sure done and ready for its ‘Alpha’ launch or whatever, there are only 2maps at the moment, will add more maps, gamemodes and other content for the next month and shall see if its worth working on it more!

  • Fixed time running out issue, which used to not stop the server after time ran out
  • Singleplayer/Practice mode now start immediately, no wait time
  • Tweaked end screen positioning, to make all names visible
  • Added some coins in maps (thinking about making some boosts/buffs all across the maps)

and the game is out!

✔️ Make first 3d game
✔️ Make first 3d mutiplayer game
🐦🐦🗿 2 Birds one stone