Devlog #29

New year, new devlog, been putting in more work on the astrodud, wanting to get all the main features done and some maps too, then moving onto mobile release and might try to do a standalone pc client as some people having low fps due to their hardware acceleration being turned off



So this is one of the features thats was necessary, a party mode, which as the title says, will allow players to group up to a 3-man party so you can invite your friends to play and you all be moved into the same match.
Party leader can kick or invite members, members can leave the party, leader is in-charge of starting the game.All party members can be seen from sides, here’s a little preview:


Friend system is an ‘addition’ to the party system, as you can add/remove/invite your friends and know when they are offline etc. so its pretty much simple as that, heres a little preview of friends UI:


So as I said in the last devlog, I wanted to get in on the customizations, and so I did.There is about ~50 items to choose from now, 4 categories, which are: skins, hats, backpacks and trails.Here’s a little preview:

All the customizable’s can be received from opening chests, some items are more rare and harder to get then the others, there is a chance of getting same item which will result on getting a portion of coins back, here’s chest opening preview:

(i still need to work on the sounds for the game, add all the sound effects for all the new features and so on)


  • Tweaked wiper survival map, added extra wiper going in slower pace above the previous one, so its a bit harder and also made that wiper start spinning only after the countdwn
  • Created rotating door obstacle
  • Created rotating balancing-bridge obstacle
  • Added checkpoints to maps and all the pickups (coins, boosts)

So as this might seem not as much, it took quite a bit, I probably spent atleast three-four full days modeling the equipments and then making them work etc. So will try to report even more cool stuff by the end of the month, cya.