Devlog #9

This whole week was kinda hard mentally, feel like im losing it, maybe its a bit cuz of corona, i always think of what am i doing with my life and that im doing not enough, i would like to had achieved something, ant thinking bout’ that stuff makes me sad… Thinking of making a youtube channel, dont know about what, at the moment I watch a lot of reaction channels, thinking of making my own, as I always make something that I like myself, just overthinking..


Nothing, just made one quick fix for void engineer, so when you drag item on other slot the tool-tip with item’s info would not disappear.


Spent whole day making etsy automatization tool, made bulk listing editing, so now each listing is created from my etsy tool, after its created I save listing_id and link etc. I can edit listing on toolkit in bulk ex: I updated 150 listings thumbnails with a single click, because previously I did not have watermark on the designs, and it wouldve taken shit load of time to update it by hand as it requires to delete all thumbnails and import new ones, so thats ones days work.Oh also made logging of post requests that fail/succeed so I could debug it easier when something fails.


Made git repos for the emote toolkit project and etsy automatization tool.Worked on a emote toolkit to make it faster and optimize it as previously I was just working on making the whole thing work.


Absolutely NOTHING


God bless today, today the day, the day I’ve fixed xsolla payment stuff with help of Ed’ which was a pain in the ass as xsolla responses are a bit confusing, but that wasnt a problem after I messages xsolla suport as they repsonded in first hour and helped me a ton with the questions I had.So after this point it should be easy to finish the toolkit.


Then played some fivem at night, i’m from Lithuania so I played Lithuanian servers and they are total dog shit, no one still knows how to code servers, every server is just resources put in to one.. Majority of the servers cap out at 100 players because they crash with more, the game freezes due to shitty resources used, just sad.. Never playing fivem ever again, the only thing I liked was U.S deathmatches, could not find any TDM’s or zombie modes, which would be fun because fivem has nice npc’s.


Was a bit lazy day, worked on commission jobs for designs, made new gigs on etsy and fiverr, an rick and morty portraits/illustrations, was postponing it as was too lazy to draw an example design, but did it now, expanding what can I say.

Also worked on the emote toolkit, nothing major, for some reason I’m procrastinating to work on it, did some tweaks and bug fixes, wanna make it more responsive and dynamic, for future stuff to add more styles, equipments etc. Hoping to release it to the public mid-end June 🙂