Devlog #4


Absolutely and totaly nothing, except I drew an overlay pack for streamers in the new game ‘Valorant’ theme (available on etsy):


Whole day was assigned to making the auction house, the place where players can sell items and other players can buy them, pretty simple system, will be almost only way to buy/sell items.You drag the item in the slot, set the price, and click sell and you add it to the list, if someone buys you get the money, if no one buys it in the time period it disappears and seller gets the item back however the fee he paid wont be returned:


Made some small changes:

  • Fixed chatbox
  • Finished droid repairing in Droid Care Center
  • Made an upgrade for account (chance of warpgate appearing)
  • Created callback for when slot is changed, currently used it only for droid care center to know when the droid is selected to calculate repair price

Merchant Station

Merchant station is the only other place where you can buy something, items at the moment are always the same in the future it will be that it changes the listings after x hours.:


List of changes ive done

  • Auction house has new category “your listings” which only shows your listings
  • Made that you could remove your own listings from the auction house
  • Remade auction house and merchant buying code to only send id
  • Remade AuctionListing object and created ShopListing object which only holds item and price, now its less data to transfer and cleaner in code
  • Remade daily/weekly gifts to require click a button to redeem which resolves some of the issues
  • Created new item received interface which will show when you get an item, works with multiple items one after another:

[su_service title=”Watched movie ‘Fantasy Island'” icon=”icon: film” icon_color=”#000000″][su_spoiler title=”My review will contain spoilers” style=”fancy”]And also watched a movie, only one this whole week, was kinda meh, this week was most productive until now.. Movie was meh, not scary at all, zero horror, it had sometimes funny bits here and there, only thing it was is unpredictable, i had 4 predictions and all of them were wrong, so if you dont have nothing to do I might suggest to watch it as it is great movie for making time fly[/su_spoiler][/su_service]


On friday only small change ive done was fixing hotkey info panel to show when you enter/exit multiple triggers.


I spent whole day making wreckages system, which is a feature to make a gameplay a little more fun so there would be a point for discovering space.Wreckages are broken down ships which can be looted for resources, it may contain from 1-7 points of looting which are created randomly, there can be items in those points, resources or currency.A preview video:

might remake the particles of smokes or come up with another idea as it kinda looks fishy, but its good enough for now