Devlog #37 – Ball bounce game

Another month passed, I have stopped working on the astrodud myself, because the other developer have been gone for 3 months now, and trying to “carry” out the project myself is a waste of time. With that note I started making new game, completely solo, as there is no one that are motivated to make games it seems, people rather waste time then work on something.

The new project

This game idea was in my mind for a long time, always wanted to make it, it’s inspired by few different games, with addition of my own twist and more content, to have different types of gameplay available, no need to be chained to one type of game.

So first thing I did was main gameplay code and some base art for the game, which came out pretty nice, still there is a lot of work to do, server code and all the UI and game props (environment objects)

Gameplay loop

So the main-gameplay loop is smashing your balls into others 🙂 . The idea would be to have multiplayer PvP matches with some singleplayer story driven matches too.

First thing that I worked on, was the controllers for the balls and multiple different components for them as well. Having less code per component makes it easier to manage in a long run. There is about ~15 different controllers that can be applied to character, starting with basic movement controllers, health controllers, combat and ending by effects that can be applied/extended from other controllers, such as combo’s – wanted to make everything easy to extend upon in the future as there is a lot different variables changing all the time in few different places at time.

Some Base Characters

There is different characters with different abilities, you will be able to upgrade your characters – which will increase their stats.


Special power is when charged to have a mega-speed which makes massive amount of bounces from others and the walls.Also has ability which is increasing damage 2 times after 3 bounces, resets when turn ends.


Special power is that you can cast a fireball when charged, which deals a impact and radius damage. Also has an ability to apply a shield when power is charged which nullifies any damage received for one time.


Special power is throwing an axe which deals damage to everyone hit, collides only with walls and bounces up to 3 times. Also has ability of nerfing enemy that has been touched, nerfs only the first enemy touched.


The singleplayer/campaign mode will be, you fighting with your characters against NPC’s that have different mechanics, with each level being more difficult then before. Also I want to incorporate a difficulty system that you can select so there would be a grind aspect in the game, so you can beat the levels multiple times in different difficulty levels.

Whats next?

Next month I will be working on other features and all the servers for authenticating/match-making and so on. Which wont be easy, I hope to finish it the next month and focus on the art and content for the game the month after, so it will be a lot of work as the game at the moment looks ‘meh