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Devlog #39 – Ball bounce game (visuals)

I mostly worked on visuals and gameplay tweaks this, not much, but the game looks way better now visually more appealing. There might be some issues still, as its hard to test a multiplayer game without a bigger player count. (more players more bugs per minute) Expect a lot of screenshots and videos, not much

Devlog #37 – Ball bounce game

Another month passed, I have stopped working on the astrodud myself, because the other developer have been gone for 3 months now, and trying to “carry” out the project myself is a waste of time. With that note I started making new game, completely solo, as there is no one that are motivated to make

Blog #1

No Devlog, nothing developed, sadge. Fill-in Its been 2 weeks since anything got done for astrodud still hoping it will be updated, there are some useful features done which adds more gameplay and not a lot is left to do for it to be complete, just would like that my work and effort wouldnt be