Devlog #35 – One Month Passed

Hello, so one month has passed since the last post, which will probably be like that from now on, as the weekly posts are boring af, there’s more to talk about each month then each week.

All I did the whole month is work on AstroDud and brain storm for future projects game and not-game related, which is always good to have something under the sleeves when the time comes.

Wish there was more work done, but its very hot this summer and hard to keep the tunnel vision on the projects when temperature hits 31C inside, but that was to be expected, as summers are usually slower and more chill – as there are more temptations that stop the grind.



What I have decided to introduce into the game this month are gamemodes, which will add a different look to the game, possibly attract more players.

First gamemode will be a simple agar style game, in which you will eat space farts and grow bigger making it possible to eat other players, you can also sprint – which results in losing coins and making space fart trails behind. Had to start from something simple to get the feet wet and watch analytics if it makes a change worth the efforts – which probably will.
Added a short video for visual pleasure:

I have already a lot of ideas for future gamemodes, also for limited-time gamemodes so each week players could play something new and wouldnt get tired of it as fast. Some of the ideas include:

  • Spike Arena – dud’s have spike in their hand that grows longer by gaining score and spike can kill other players (very hyped about this idea, as I already was working on a game similar to this last year, just a 2d version)
  • Bomber Man – as title says, its a bomber man, which will probably be a battle royale themed, so you fight others on a play-field, destroying boxes – gaining boosts/power-ups, with map shrinking ofcourse until there is only one man standing.
  • Survival games – probably simplest gamemode, which might be a timed one, as it will only include maps that are survival so no race maps, some people really like honeycomb so this will be a way for them to play it more.
  • NaughtyDud – title is till work in progress, but it would be a mistery game similar to ‘among us’ – one player is the killer and others need to find out who it is by doing some tasks across the map. (at the moment this is not as likely as the others, because this will require a big change in code and additional systems)

Coupon Codes

This was in the to-do list for quite some time, not like it was hard to implement, but rather not as important as the issues we have faced after releasing the game. With coupon codes we are planning to post code here and there on our social medias, with giveaways on discord too (which will be automated trough a bot)

Here is a simple UI for the coupon code screen:

Two new maps

I have added two new maps to the game, both are race maps, here’s a little preview of them:

Also there is a survival map work-in-progress, its done, but needs some tweaking and optimizing in the networking part:

Joining Game Screen

I really didnt like how simple the screen ‘joining game’ was, and took some references from fall guys to make it much much bigger:

New Double Jump Animations

I made the double jump last month, but I didnt make the animations for it, so I had to make them this month, which came out pretty amazing, I really like it, feels much smoother, cooler in simply more amazing then ever.