Devlog #32

Still streaming from monday to friday on twitch come hang 🙂


This week have worked more on customizations and reworked the gameplay completely, which was a bit pain in the ass, but managed to do it in a week, still some things to do for the update but it should be within a month, the biggest update yet.

New items

So worked on a lot of new items, like we tripled or even quadrupled total items in the game, which will all become available in the update, these items arent associated with battle-pass, they just an extra items that people can get from the chests

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and these are some new battle pass items

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New gameplay cycle

So, this is the biggest thing I have worked on in these 2 weeks, as with the update we will change the gameplay cycle completely, with a lot of new maps (which can be seen in previous blog)

Before the change it was each game is one single map and thats all, there couldve been multiple winners and after the game ended, its done, you go to main menu and search for another game

So now after the change we have matches and rounds, so single match contains multiple rounds, and after each round few of the players are eliminated until there is either 1 or none players standing.

Once the round is over, you get moved to the MapEndScreen which shows all the players and the ones that lost gets eliminated and fall down to their doom:

After there is only 1 player standing, everybody is moved to the WinnerEndScreen which shows the winner jumping happy with the crown in his hands, its kinda flex to show-off the winner:

After the WinnerEndScreen is shown, you are moved into FinalEndScreen which shows your character and your stats of the match:

So this will make game more competitive and fun as there can be only one winner


Well, not a lot of work have been done in these 2 weeks except the major rework of the gameplay cycle which is pretty cool.. We are still moving towards the big update, and really hoping we can finish it soon 🙂