Devlog #23



  • Animations for the character
  • Spawn points are found in the map and held in server to spawn players, when spawning checks for a free spawn point
  • When player is outside the map he will be respawned
  • Nametags added, your controlling player will have an arrow pointing down
  • Collisions for side walls and ramps
  • Synchronized cannon shooting script, so particles and animations happens on all clients



  • Countdown to game start made (synchronized around all time zones)
  • Timer made, for the max time of game (after it finished, game ends, everyone who hasnt won loses game)
  • Dying made, so when you finish you technically die, when you jump out of map and its lava you die too, your player is destroyed, all the players wont see you, colliders removed
  • Spectating mode – when you die you will enter spectate mode, and will be able to watch other players, switch between the players, works on mobile and on pc, pc has keys Q/E to switch between and mobile has buttons



  • When player dies/reaches finish – it will have explosion particle so it wouldnt look weird when it disappears
  • Made parameter for game controller of how many players can finish, if the amount of potential winners is reached, it will end game, if all die it will also end game
  • Made when timer runs out the game ends
  • Survival mode – the game ends when alive players count reaches certain amount, so for example game starts with 10players, when 5 die game will end
  • When you spectate someone who dies/reaches finish, it will stop spectating
  • Coins are networked, when people pick up a coin, it will disappear and play a sound
  • ESC/Settings dialog will unlock cursor and when its turned of it will be locked again



  • Remade side pipe to look like a fence, makes more sense and looks better, has less vertices
  • Remade cannon, wanted to give it a circus vibe so made it similar to circus cannons, might remake it again later
  • Created a logo for game:
  • Finish screen after game ends, when its racing gamemode it will have 3 prize places, and if its survival it will just show all the players that survived on the same eye level



  • Synchronized player animations, now all players see animations
  • Disappearing platform controller remade, made it worked on network, so its synchronized now between clients/server



  • Created loading screen for browser, its a simple one:
Background moves like tiles, loading bar fills ups, what else is there to say

  • Added glyphs, shapes, numbers and letters to bit/sub style equipments
  • Fixed equipment sorting by index
  • Added new property for equipments, each category equipment can be scaled from 0 to 2
  • Fixed when changing between bit/sub badges tiers to apply selections of that tier (feels more responsive now)
  • Created trailer/ad for streamkit
  • Created intro/tutorial video for streamkit you can see it at bottom of the page