Devlog #21

Took a little break from and started making a small ‘little’ game inspired by Fall Guys, which will be browser based, free, not a copy of fall guys, a simpler version.



Me and my friend that im making games with, come up with an idea about the game like fall guys, being all troll-ish like and free also available on browser and went from idea and wondering about it to making it, escalated really fast.

So at this point we are making the game, I mean we just started but yeah..



Today I have purchased assets for the game, which arent much just a model(player) and a shader(which dont know yet if I like)

Here is how the player looks with the paid shader and without

Left is with shader right is without the shader
I guess the one with shader looks better haha, never compared them side to side



Spent whole tuesday playing around with the models, shapes and concepts.

Today made the physics, falling, ragdoll-ish type of thing, it was ragdoll at first but then brainstormed around the networking aspect of the game and the fact that it will be on browser and low end phones too.. So went with no ragdoll option. Here is how it looks:

Inspired by Simpsons Hit&Run while in bed at night



Today worked with obstacles for the game, made two so far, one is a wiper, just an object that spins and other one is HexAGone, tile that when touched will start to evaporate, hers a little preview of them both:



  • Added particles, KO particle (starts above head), collision particle (dust cloud on the point of collision, has required minimum speed to appear, particle size changes with higher speed)
  • Trampoline objects, it applies force to the player that touched it to the opposite direction of collision
  • Sticky objects, it creates fixed joint with the touched rigid body, made custom TimedJoint object to destroy the joints after they been alive for certain time
  • Lucky Door object, its a door that middle is a dynamic rigidbody and can be pushed out by players. There is lucky door group component which makes that all the lucky doors close by can be grouped up and you can give the percentage of doors to be opened and then only those will be move-able and other will be kept locked



  • Directional Booster platform object, which just boosts players velocity to the given direction, texture on the platform moves with the speed given
  • Modeled fish net wall mesh
  • Modeled side wall mesh
  • Modeled ramps (they are modular)
  • Made custom script for making modular maps, so that I can move gameobjects in scene by given amount at once, so that objects would be tiles and work with modular meshes
  • Coded moving platform component, you can set the direction (x;y;z), speed and distance how long it will move, created small editor script for gizmos to showcase to which point will platform move
  • Made cannon component, which just shoots out balls, you can set what gameobject it shoots out, at what force and how long will the shot out object be alive
  • Made rotator component, which is similar to moving platform component, but its for rotation, you can set minDegress, maxDegrees of rotation, give the speed, make it forever spinnable, set interpolation speeds, set rotation direction, enable speeding up to the set speed in given velocity



  • Made proper cannon model
  • Cannon shooting animation
  • Made flying arrow hover over the side of maps to show the right way/direction
  • Made air blimp environment object
  • Made hot air balloon environment object