Devlog #19

World gets sadder each day, still trying to work on the game, cant look forward to future, because I dont see the future anymore, just now.



  • Bulding menu finished up, made so that buildings would cost resources and added correct icons of the buildings, also the icon of the buildings shows up on the building inspect window also it has the correct color of the building too.



  • Made building camera system, when you enter building mode for the planet, camera moves on to the planet, you can rotate around the planet, put down the buildings, when you exit building ui it goes back to your ship.



  • Made NPC destruction reward, also it rewards now for the destruction of convoy’s, it works for most done to destroy and you wont get anything if you dont shoot the convoy for 30seconds, it also gives random loot to everyone, with chances lowering to get more stuff.



  • “Give UP Planet” button to give the planet away, you will lose everything on it, but you will be able to claim another planet after that.