Devlog #13

Was one of the worst weeks I had, feel really unmotivated and lazy, tired, really hot weather, no ac, struggle is real what can I say.

Plans for next week is to make some more progress with farm rage interface’s, release as its already been done for two weeks, just sitting, due to my anxiety..



  • Fixed nametag textfield reset
  • Fixed nametag ui dont allow open other windows
  • Market station ui “my listings” fix
  • Droid care center fix



  • Fixed dragging item on crosshair not block raycast
  • Claim all button fixed
  • When you remove market listing of your own, it auto selects other listing
  • Client side check all unclaimed items if they fit in inventory
  • Market clear sell price inputfield when sold



  • Convoy generators fixed to work on multiplayer server-side/client scenario



  • Market station ui scrolling made that when you scroll to the bottom it requests more listings to be shown
  • Fixed station’s openings to open when theres multiple people close to the station



  • Statistics window camera ship view fixed
  • Remade UI follow camera code to be before draw methods

Made purchasing to save info such as (timestamp when purchased, coupon code used when purchasing, price which was paid (without the coupon discount)) this will help me see all the affiliate data easier etc. I might still have some things to add for useful data tracking as mention previously, but its finished, and should be release next coming week.


Farm Rage

Worked on some small things associated with farm rage, game still not being developed, just preparing with all the interfaces and small systems in place.

  • Made feed element, which can be used for kill messages, alerts etc.
  • Made death screen appearance and animation

A little preview: