Devlog #12

This week was all work, I finally finished it, but now its third day and cant keep me motivated to release it and promote it on the internet, hoping to do it this week, also worked a bit on which is coming to release soon too!



  • Made confirmation of payment, you need to reenter the details: email and password
  • Purchasing done, when you purchase email is sent trough the mail server with the information of purchase and information of how to use and download it
  • Login page made, you will need to enter email and password you used when making the purchase to be able to download the badges/emotes
  • Made purchases checking and check-all function, you can download badges you checked, or you can check them all, each will be delivered in all needed sizes



  • Image compilation checks, to compile only purchased badges, and generate all the images in all sizes
  • Remade badges, previously the base emote was -1 which required hardcoding, so remade it to first one emote be a base emote
  • Google analytics added, also added captchas for security checks



  • Remade all emote category system to be per style, so each style can have different categories which makes it easier and more responsive when adding new styles
  • Added new emote category “TrollFace” which is face without no shoulders in a troll face style:



  • Made watermark images, so when you preview the emotes/badges its watermarked
  • Equipment images are now black images with numbers on them, its more of a security check, and it looks better
  • Made bit badges categories, which can also be used for sub badges, this required a lot of rework, remade whole customization logic, needed to make it faster and add a lot of options, so now you can change every category separately, if you dont it will be default, added default options so when you choose bit badges, you will get all the default bit badges emotes generated as an default options, little preview:
  • Made all images private and only available from the server so no stealing
  • Remade character reading/writing so now it will only require one query per character and it will be stored in array, so instead of 15~ queries it will be 1 query and all others are checked from array of the character data
  • Fixed generating previews only one time, and then it will be updated only after something changes



  • Fixed bugs that didnt allow to choose same equipments as the base emote
  • node server installed a ‘forever’ dependency to run the server forever, rewritten the logic of showing etsy listings on so it will be only 5 at first, when you scroll you will get other 5, and so on.
  • Fixed randomize button, dont know why it was made a link before, so it used to redirect to ‘#’ which made page scroll up.



  • Created unclaimed category in market, all the earnings from sold listings will go there and you will need to claim it, also you can claim them all, preview:
  • Fixed nametag editing window to reset the textfield when opening
  • Fixed silly mistake which was that when nametag window is opened you could still open and close windows
  • Market fixed to reset all the slots, titles and fee’s displays when opening the window