Blog #1

No devlog, nothing developed, sadge.


Its been 2 weeks since anything got done for astrodud still hoping it will be updated, there are some useful features done which adds more gameplay and not a lot is left to do for it to be complete, just would like that my work and effort wouldnt be wasted in the end. Not in my hands.. so whatever

The lack of game-development progress was the reason of skipping out the devlog. In that time I have earned more hours in photoshop then I do in half a year, in other words – I been on my grind.

Been coding a bit python, some fun exports, converting scripts, making a lot of clipart, working on new e-shops, brainstorming – which resulted in few cool ideas.

New website idea, which might come to reality, will know for sure this week, not a big one, but useful, for me, other small game developers, no personal gain – which is always good, as it means it might be used by people, haha. Just wanting to create stuff, and feel kinda sad when I’m not making anything.

Came to realisation, I dont like and probably will never like playing games, I havent played any game thats not mine for quite some time and I understood why I dont like it anymore.When I was young-er games gave me feeling of accomplishment (wins, better rank, items etc) and when I grew up, that changed, accomplishments for me now are creating things, being proud of the product you make, money you make, skills you learn.Tought its a sad thing, but it might not be.. Well at least not for me.

Whats now

What my plans are now ? I will keep on working on e-shops, making art, games, probably streaming (if I start working on a game I will stream the whole development process daily)
I have an idea for streams, once a week to make 24hour stream of development , which also could be turned to a commentary video for youtube and short-series on tiktok. So really hyped about that idea.

Making games is still my main priority, might become a solo-dev even if I dont like it, but there is nothing I can change. Have some small clicker mobile games in mind that I sketched up few years back, so, if the artwork is almost done, why not to finish them.

Doing music, beats etc. I had this in my head for multiple years now, I don’t want to get big, known, earn money from it, I just like writing lyrics and I really want to learn making beat, which will probably be my focus on 2022