Devlog #40 – Re-construction

Last two months I been talking about new ball bouncing PVP turn based game, and now I will be talking how I post poned that and started working on new game. Thats life.


When I was making ball game I had trouble with servers and I knew it will be a bigger scale game then anything I done before, so.. I had to have good servers and I couldnt just make them and test it fully by myself, as servers are thing that breaks the more people join.

Which resulted me into making new game with new server architecture, which will be way better, I will be using the same servers for all future games, the setup wont take a lot of time, I could setup everything for new game in couple of minutes (authentications, saving/loading, match-making etc.) as its reusable for every single game.

The first project

So first project that will be launched with the new server architecture will be a speed running platformer, as it was the simplest idea I could start at. Also I like speed running platformers so might just make my own at the same time.

Main Menu
Small gameplay preview

The game is completed, its pretty simple game loop, you play the game and try to beat the map as fast as you can, earning gems that can be spent on stuff in game and cosmetics in the near future when they are added.