Devlog #36 – AstroProgress

This month I have done a lot of stuff for the astrodud, however I was the only one working on it and there havent been update nor any other features apart the ones that I did, which sucks, might move on at some point, cant carry the game alone.



I wanted to make emotes for a long time, but never had the time for, but as there is no feature were coming in, had to think of something to do. So I did the emotes.

The idea would be that players could buy emote-packs they would open, get some emotes, and equip them to one of their 5 emote slots.
Emote usage is simple, you just right click your mouse in the game, drag your mouse on the emote and release it, now the emote will pop up above your head.

Spike Arena – GameMode

This was the biggest thing I have worked on in the past month, making a completely new game mode, which is spike arena, more about it:

Spike arena would be a game in which your astrodud hold a spike, spike can kill other players, it grows by killing other players or by collecting red blobs found on the map. You also have a speed boost that you can use by holding LMB(Left Mouse Button), your speed boost is limited and requires recharging which can be done by picking up blue blobs found on the map.
You control your dud with mouse, it goes to the direction of the mouse.

Also the whole new game UI had to be made for the new game mode for porting it on different domains, so that got done too, which resulted in pretty nice and simplistic user interface.

Cosmetics models reworked

I always disliked how the game cosmetics have looked in the game, and in the sprites/renders. So I had to remake it, applied some modifiers and shaders, and ta-dam, now models look way better (did the same with all in game objects) so the game now looks like a proper game, not a rectangly thingy.

I didnt anticipate the amount of time I would spend on this as there are 100+ different cosmetics, also exporting all images for those cosmetics was frustrating, messed up few times and images came out without anti-aliasing, so had to redo it few times.

Here is some of the sprites (just to show):

Just a taste of it, looks WAAAY better.