The stuff – Devlog #2

Welcome back for second week of devlog, lets talk bout this week, shall we ?!


Woke up at 8:30AM motivated to work on void engineer, first finished up some fiverr orders to start the day right, then made some small changes and fixes on void engineer, nothing major yet, just some small useful stuff.

  • Fixed statistics (Account upgrades) interface when the upgrade description used to be too long and it would overlap with buttons
  • Fixed the bug with chatbox when it would not scroll to the bottom of the list when new message was created.
  • Added new account upgrade (asteroid drop chance) which increases drop chance of better resources when destroying asteroids
  • Remade some of the droid code to make then Go to planet -> mine resources until droid’s backpack is full -> come back to ship to deposit resources -> repeat
  • Changed up droid’s equiped panel to now show the state and position of the droid, so you know if its already mining on the planet, flying to the planet, flying back, how far the droid is from/to the planet, which is useful

[su_service title=”Watched movie ‘Vivarium'” icon=”icon: film” icon_color=”#000000″][su_spoiler title=”My review will contain spoilers” style=”fancy”]To finish the day, watched the movie ‘Vivarium’ mainly wanted to watch it as the main actor is Jesse Eisenberg which was also in ‘Social network’ movie. Vivarium was quite a fun watch, read that its boring for some, and slow, but wasnt for me, movie is really unpredictable and you just dont know how it will end as there arent movies like this, the closest I could think is ‘In the tall grass’.. Watch it…[/su_spoiler][/su_service]


Woke up at 8:30AM tired, because I worked on the game until 1:20AM last night so I went to bed pretty late, things I did:

  • Updated planet info interface:
  • Remade info panel showing with new keybind prefab which will be used now for every tutorial/quicktip
  • Ship’s now have resource limits
  • Changed crosshair to new one, hopefully its last time I am changing it:
  • Made that ship’s booster size changed based on the speed of ship
  • Damage indicator created, when you shoot text appears that jumps out and fades out
  • Made that planets would have random names assigned


  • Recoded the part of waypoints system so its now easier to add or remove waypoints and will be useful to use for tutorials, information about warpholes or wreckages near by
  • Added shooting laser particle when shooting
  • Made that droid have a waypoint on him for showing his position, so you would know where your droid is, which planet he is mining, and you could if necessary fly closer so he would return to ship faster
  • Made cursor-crosshair when you are on game screen and not on interface your cursor changes to and crosshair which makes aiming easier as middle part is not hidden under the mouse.
  • Made settings for the game, video, game and sound, you can turn off and turn on practically anything so it wouldnt be annoying for people when they get used to the game and controls and already know how everything works, took probably the full day to make it
  • Ships information crosshair is disabled when you hold CTRL and zoom out/in or look around
  • Made a tip for new player under the crosshair that you can hold CTRL and by using scroll wheel change the zoom of camera and hold RMB and drag around to look around

Thursday – Friday

Was kinda demotivated for a day, almost two, some unity glitches some of my mistakes, everything started breaking, so didnt make as much progress as I hoped.

Quick changes I have made:

  • On opening bank default transfer amount value will be set to the maximum amount that you can store in inventory (will be useful for faster depositing/withdrawing)
  • Tip on screen of using CTRL below crosshair, disappears when clicking CTRL and reappears after 5 seconds since releasing, this is how it looks:
  • Changes to chatbox window to make it not block clicking whats under it when its disabled(not typing)


Majority of the week was focused on working on warpgates system, which is kinda done, the whole base is done, the only thing left to do is make that warpgates appeared when person is flying for some time, player will have a chance of finding warpgate which will make traveling easier to stations or any player, this will be useful when finishing mining and you want to go to bank to store all the goodies, but wont be needed when being adventurous and flying around to discover ship wrecks or planets.This is the preview video: