The beginning


Hello, I’m Ignas from Lithuania, 21yr old, handsome guy, make games, art, assets, this will be a blog, a place, in which I will write all the stuff I have in mind and weekly Devlogs about the progress I made within the week etc. game, art related etc.


Week started really harsh, did not manage to do any work, worked on some fiverr orders and thats it.

Watched movie 'Invisible Man'
My review will contain spoilers
Oh man, oh man, this movie, this movie.. probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while now, a lot of people dislike it for some reason, but me, the guy that liked the first movie really like the new one with better plot better reasoning behind becoming ‘invisible’ no magic juice, vaccines or other crap to become invisible, just a man, his money and his awesome suit.Also the action was much better in this movie then the previous one, the characters too, when in the old movie the invisible man was some pervert that wanted to rape every chick, in this movie the guy is kinda bad shit crazy, but not pervert or anything, just really crazy, which makes in more pleasant to watch.Also the way invisible man keeps chasing the girl that left him, he makes her look insane, really unpredictable, you just cant stop watching as you dont know what will happen then end is really bizzare..


Next day was much better and got some work done with space shooter game

Resource Exchanger

Made resource exchanger which will be used to convert gathered resources from planets and asteroids to currency which will be useable for purchasing stuff meanwhile resources will be necessary for upgrading ship, droids etc. However resources will not be able to be bought with currency so thats that.

Bank Station

Probably biggest week’s job was making bank station, which is kinda like inventory but non-changeable that means when you pilot different ship you will still have the same bank, so it can be used for transfering stuff into other ship’s inventories.Also you can deposit resources to bank which is limitless not like inventory when you can hold X amount of resources.


Finished up bank station and fixed some bugs that were left in it.


In thursday I made a lot of small changes and what not, not anything big:

  • Resource display changed from always being on screen in right-top corner to making it show only in inventory as it makes more sense because resources are held in ships
  • Fixed the issue when ship would be controllable when mouse is not on game screen, which really annoyed me before, when I were in hierarchy of unity and ship would start rotate or fly
  • Made shooting have an ammo, which is rechargable, when you shoot you lose ammo, and then you need to stop for a minute to recharge it, this will make shooting not as OP
  • Collision avoidance when player is controlling something in interface or writing a chat message, that means, when you are doing something on screen you can keep your ship flying and it will avoid planets/asteroids
  • Changed station windows opening/closing so you could toggle it with key as previously you should have clicked ‘X’ button to close
Watched movie 'The hunt'
My review will contain spoilers
Movie wasnt terrible, but was not what I was expecting, I expected something like ‘saw’ just with people hunting people instead its a dark comedy and not a horror movie in any case, the whole plot isnt bad, very thought out, beginning and ending makes sense, fights are a bit ridiculous, some scenes are funny, all gore of the movie is in the beggining and as the time goes on it happens less.Action doesnt happen in one place, movie works in kinda ‘being in one place for 10 minutes the moving to other’ which makes movie not that boring..


I left friday to make some other stuff that arent really big systems as I wasnt really that motivated to work on, sometimes it happens, when you are not hyped enough to make some big stuff for a game so you choose make some small stuff instead of not making anything at all.

  • Nitro indicator changed to be shown around crosshair in circle style progressbar
  • Level system, you can level-up your account and get account upgrade points for it which can now be only used for upgrading max-nitro speed and bank station slots amount, more upgrades will be added until release
  • Created some simple particle for leveling up (first particle made):
  • Chatbox made, so its like any other chatbox in any other game, just a simple box with messages of everyone and an input field below to input your message, it will be used to announce an appearance or destruction of planets, convoys.
Watched movie 'Underwater'
My review will contain spoilers
At the end of the day watched the new movie “underwater” was expecting for more then I got, movie wasnt super bad but was really pointless and nothing much happened in it, monsters appeared, killed people, at the end main protagonist killed her self by exploding the station with BOSS monster near it, nothing unexpected, actors were good, idea was good, but it wasnt IT, just really bad plot, could’ve been much better, I expected a lot maybe thats he problem, but movie is just really casual.


Void Engineer

  • Resource Exchanger Finished
  • Resource Exchanger Window undraggable
  • Bank Station Interface
  • Bank Resources Depositing / Withdrawing
  • Bank Items putting in / taking out / swapping
  • slot drag handler fixed
  • Resources are now shown in inventory instead of always being in top-right corner
  • Alerts added : depositing/withdrawing resources from/to bank, starting resource exchanger, trying to collect resource exchanger when its not finished
  • Convoy health bar updates
  • If bank or resource exchanger is open then stop ship and dont allow to move
  • When mouse is on interface or off screen mouse wheel wont change ship speed
  • Shooting ammo/cooldown
  • Fixed statistics ui
  • Cant shoot when mouse in on interface
  • if player mouse is on ui do collision avoidance
  • Station windows open and close with ‘F’
  • Removed droid selection scrollview from interface, fixed upgrades max values refreshing on upgrade
  • Nitro indicator is now around crosshair
  • Account Leveling (at the moment you get exp from destroying asteroids)
  • When player levelup particle is played on ship
  • Changer order of interface, added black transperant background to resource exhanger window same as in bank