Fun things – Devlog #3

This week was focused on some fun things and not so fun bug fixes and small changes for void engineer


Monday was very bad day in terms of progress made in programming or in general.Tuesday was better as I had clear vision of what I was going to do.

Daily & Weekly gifts

Yes, that’s right, made daily and weekly gifts, which isnt a big deal as its just a simple system that gives people gifts every day or/and every week, and if you miss a day or a week it resets and you start from the bottom, each reward is better.

Made simple list of all objects that are available to redeem as rewards for coming back and after you reach certain amount of days they repeat but they repeat with the you days streak multiplier so it goes forever.

Daily gifts would be not so big deal, just some resources or currency in-game, and weekly rewards would be something special, like items that are super rare, so yeah it was kinda fun feature to make, and will be more this weak.


Minor things that got done today:

  • Made ships booster size limited, as until now they depended on speed, so once you used warp gate it became bigger then the ship due to high speed
  • Made that in resource exchanger, minus and plus buttons once you double click them they increase in the amount that will add resource (as it wouldve been super annoying to click a button for thousands of times)


Now there are challanges in game, so if person doesnt want to open-world the game and search for something in the cosmos they can follow the challange guides, it works in pretty simple way, there are 3-4 challanges at once, once you complete them all you level up you challange level and get the rewards, and it repeats, each level increaes the reward amount and increases how many things you need to do to complete the challange.At the moment there are only 3 types of challanges, but they are pretty easy to add so will be more once the game is finished, current types are (destroying x amount of asteroids, mining x amount of resources with ship, mining x amount of resources with droid)


Such a lazy week, almost half of the time in this week I was just sitting and looking trough the window and watched whole ‘The Office’ series for the fourth time (:

Changes/fixes and other shenanigans made:

  • Drawn auction house interface which’s system will be only coded within the next week, hoping for monday/tuesday
  • Made some inventory changes so when its re-used for other interfaces such as bank, droid upgrading, auction house, the code and slots would be the same and everything would update simultaneously as previously I’ve made it scuffed
  • ItemPopInfo box remade so it would automaticly work with any slot without any serialization as previously it had a lot of code repetition in different classes
  • Bank items now can be withdrawn/deposited by clicking on them, so dragging trough the screen wont be necessary
  • Item destroying from inventory, so now you can drag item out of inventory window and prompt will show up to confirm that you really want to destroy that item permanently:

Droid Upgrading

Only promising thing I made since wednesday is droid upgrading, which as the name explains, lets you upgrade you droid, everything is pretty simple, but came up with my own idea of upgrading.
So this is how it works:

  • You put in the droid from inventory (drag&drop)
  • Then you can choose to fix the malfunctions of the droid if there are any or move on with the upgrading
  • You select the thing you want to upgrade
  • You select the amount of resources of the type you want to use, and this is where the fun starts, the better resources you select the less of a change you will have of burning the droid (burning means droid will delete itself).Better resources also increases success chance more then lower tier resources, so example: if you upgrade everything with mythic you will need 50 units for 100% success 0% burn, but if you upgrade with rare you will need 100 units for 100% success and 20% burn.