Devlog #8

Did not work with the games at all and Im kinda happy about it, its been months, years since I did not work or thought about making a game, but now, this week was kinda nice, worked only with PHP and the upcoming week will be half that too, really like making browser apps and really dig PHP, ajax and databases (not as much but its alright)



Made the bottom info with etsy listings, a suggestions which will contain overlays, sub badges, bit badges and premade emotes.Did some work for the new emote generator service and made the “generate emotes” screen and almost finished the whole system for generations, so you will customize it once and export every emote needed, pretty simple design and concept.



Spent whole day working on generation of emotes, now it will be easy to create emote types and they will appear in the generation list and customers will be able to select which ones to buy, the only thing needed now is checkout, a bit work with the art assets and create all the categories for the emotes.Decided to use Xsolla service for payments, they are the only ones that allow credit cards, phone and paypal which is really useful for service like this when every customer is a streamer, community manager and does all the payments with paypal.Was a struggle and hope to make it this month.


Void Engineer

  • Wrote sound manager system, to easier manage sounds, effects and what not, it doesnt destroy when changing scenes, everything works and with that I included place holder sound which quite surprise makes a game feel few times better.

Etsy Toolkit

And of course I just had to start a new project when I have two that Im working on, but this one wont be a hard one and will serve me in the future a ton, so in the end it will save me time and thats all that matters.. right?

So in short, I decided to make it because I have over 100 listings active on etsy and I did not think anyone would steal from me and so I didnt put the watermark on the badges thumbnails so now I want to do that but I will not edit 100+ listings to reupload 100+ thumbnails, so its just easier to make an tool for that.

First day of project was just making the template design used bootstrap of course as its the best thing for web, after that made simple oAuth script, to authenticate the access to etsy account.


Etsy Toolkit is now kinda functional, made some progress to create listings, still did not make uploading of the digital file or applying tags or thumbnails, just a listing.


Etsy Toolkit

Did way more work, now it reads the listings to upload from folder, finds all the thumbnails, sorts them, have basic tags for the types of listing, makes title, description and all the other things that are requiring repetition when upload listings by hand, so I’m even more happy that I started making this.


Void Engineer

  • Made some audio fixes
  • Clamped booster sound effect, for future knowing: when volume exceeds 1f it becomes scuffed
  • All UI buttons have sound effects, now when you click or toggle window with key a sound will be played which gives a better feel to interface
  • Waypoints quickfix to not crash when players disconnect
  • Remade inventory slot consumption to now work with inventory index instead of object

Etsy Toolkit

Now it fully works with uploading listings, it uploads all the thumbnails, files etc. The only thing needed now is bulk editing which should be 1-2days tops, looking forward to working on that in the morning.This is a little preview of current state:


Void Engineer

  • Was big issue with sound effects, googled a lot to get a hang of it, so it seems that doppler effect level makes the audio in 3d space change pitch when moving away or closer from the audio source, so it has to be 0 to work well, your welcome future self and reader.
  • Overhaul over the waypoint system, more in fact in warpgate waypoints, now they will appear the same radius that the sound starts playing (a big radius) and they will dissapear after you go outside the radius, which trigger OnTriggerExit and check if the waypoint target.transform is equal to the collider.transform.