Devlog #7

Week was kinda productive not gonna lie, I made few fixes and changes and other stuff for void engineer and started new mini project with javascript and php, a website which I’m gonna talk more later on.


Skipped monday because I felt down all day.
But started the second day of week

  • Wreckage looting fixed
  • Fixed challenges, dont know how I made the mistake that you cant save challenge stat if its 0 which caused a lot of problems, then made that challenges would delete when you levelup as you get new challenges
  • Finally finished making nametag item, item instance was made for 2 weeks now but procrastinated to make the saving/loading with database, so finished it now, everything works fine, you can change names of any item, I think its kinda fun item to have in game
  • Remade interaction functionality to prioritize checkpoints over any close stations etc.


  • Made that when any fullscreen dialog box interface appears mouse will be blocked from aiming, when you close it it will unblock, its more comfortable then previously
  • Remade wreckages a bit, to sync loot time on start looting, just optimized a bit thats is
  • Made key blocking functionality, to block keys when you are in chat, or if you are in fullscreen interface, so now weird stuff wont happen when you using interface and typing
  • Added button animations to make interface more interactable and look more dynamic
  • Made hit effect, so now when you hit planet, asteroid, get shot etc. hud will shake and light up red, just like this :


Whole day spent fixing interface, like all the elements with ContentSizeFitter in them, made that they be disabled until game starts then reenables, as if thats not made gamescene will have changes after each run of the game, cleaned up interface removed placeholder elements in lists that werent necessary due to them being cleaned and recreated from prefabs dynamicly which also causes scene of “being changed”

So people should learn this:

  1. Dont use ContentSizeFitter in child elements which parent elements have ContentSizeFitter too, as it will cause a lot of problems if you work in teams.
  2. Remove elements that you destroy as soon as the game starts, as that may cause problems too.


Spent all day trying to make camera rotation around ship with mouse sliding, did not make it, hated life, at moments like these I understand how dumb of a person I am, so will need to work on it later on, as of now I cant look at anything with lots of math..


Started working no a small solo project not associated with games in anyway, started making a toolkit for streamers, I thought of making it a long time, but did some thinking and came to conclusion that its about time to make it: so long story short it will be creator for streaming assets and what not, now working on emote creator, people will be able to make emotes on fly, customize character and get all of them in all styles such as {rip, mad, hype…} emotes, of course it will be pay to use, as it takes time to make, maintain etc. but will make it affordable to anyone, cheapest service for the community to use, more on that this month.

Here is current progress:

Startup page, currently just a design, pretty simple concept, each character is stored in database, you cant load up your characted by writing character id somewhere or you can create new one and you will get character id in customization window
Placeholder assets, nothing special, just design layout and tabs, you can customize stuff, change colors, now it just needs normal art and generate emotes button and payment functionality which wont be hard to add