Devlog #6

Progress 0, dont even know what did this week, tought about games making, started tweaking new game’s UI, got a little bored of void engineer so started making interface for farmrage (another game which is waayy more simple then void engineer) so made a little animations for buttons and shining effect for buttons etc. kinda good but all stuff I did this week couldve been compressed to 2 days of work, and thats just sad and pathetic, hoping to get right this week, work more on the games, be more motivated, now will just summarize all the week days I done something and will show it as thats all I can do, nothing to write about haha..


Tryed making camera rotation for void engineer, kinda works, but not really, really close to finished product, need just to do some calculations and thats it, because now it rotates depending on the rotation of the ship, which makes it scuffed if rotation is not 0, so thats that.


Made & almost finished main menu for farm rage, which will be a simple browser, pc, mobile game that will have multiplayer stuff, will be kinda competetive and what not, really want to make a game thats fun to play and dont require a lot of time, so looking forward into making that, on that note this is how the menu looks today: