Devlog #5

Whole week was kinda productive, but did not have a lot to do or think of doing, so just rolled with the fixes of bugs and little tweaks there and there


  • Created new challenge : loot wreckages
  • Fixed item pop info to work everywhere on every slots
  • Created nametag item, which can be dragged on any other item and you change that items name, after changing nametag object will vanish
  • Made that if you get experience for no reason you wont be notified


  • Fixed droid care center to only allow droids
  • Made items for currency and resources, so that you could get them from in game stuff, instead of hardcoding
  • Made that aiming will only be blocked after you click on window or fullscreen interface appears, and you re-enable it by clicking on screen
  • Removed weekly rewards
  • Created repair kit and health kit items, one repairs shield other restores health
  • Made some saving and loading stuff with the database


Made case openings, quite simple and quite interesting idea, tought of making similar to cs:go case opening, that it just scrolls and stops, would’ve been a bit easier but wouldnt look good as you open cases in game not in menu, so decided to make it a wheel case opening like in unturned or krunker, which is a bit more fun and looks better, a little preview:


Made death screen, pretty simple principle,once you die it appear, you have two options, either pay currency and keep the items, price of repairing depends on how many slots you have taken, or you can respawn for free and lose your inventory.