Devlog #34

Its been two months, long time no see.


Reworked whole UI design

The one thing I’m always unhappy with is the design of the game, its models but in most cases its the UI of the game, so I came back to the UI, tore it apart and made a new one! A better one! it looks way slicked, also have different screens for battle pass and shop, isnt as repetitive as before. I include couple of images of the new UI:

Main Menu
Battle Pass Menu
Shop Modal

End Game Messages

Map ended

More AD rewards

I’m always looking ways to add more monetization to the game, but dont want for it to be mandatory or annoying for the user, so I always have to offer something in return, otherwise, why do it?

So this month added free chests, that can be opened each hour, these chests are unique from other, contain more items, it would contain coins too but.. there was a problem when making chests and items, we cannot set value/amount of the item in the chest. Its all good with cosmetics, as you only need/get one, but coins would be 10,100,1000 and its not possible to do it at the moment – it might be in the future if we rework the items and chests.

Free Chest

Also was thinking of making minigames too, for example, you play video ad and get a reward-minigame which you play and the reward depends on how you play, it would be more fun if player could control the outcome then just RNG it. So this is still in the works.


When we released game, we did not think about usernames of users and the human error – that people use stupid names, so had to make a censoring of usernames, didnt want to touch the database or affect the data in any form, so its fully client-side, which makes a lot of things easier to implement, there is a lot of words blacklisted, spelling, symbols etc.

New game mechanic – double jump

The game felt a bit plane, I mean its my first 3d game and first multiplayer game that has live action, I’m bound to make mistakes and not to be sure of what I’m doing is probably okay, is it ?

Made double jump! Which offer wider range of combinations when going trough the maps, as you control more of the character and you have the possibility to use the double jump for you advantage or if you use it wrong – for your disadvantage. Still thinking about more ways to make gameplay more fun and action packed

Major map improvement

It took 2 weeks, but I did it. I have made all the maps in blender, all maps look slick and smooth, platforms arent attached from different cubes, they go in and out as they should, look slicker, no overlapping, just perfection! Dont believe me ? see it yourself:

All the other stuff

  • Fixed some physic stuff with the knockouts, so players would fly/slide more instead of just falling, so its more dangerous being knocked out then it was before.
  • User states are synchronized, so you can see who is in-game and not, so you wont be able to start the game when any of the party members are still in the game.
  • Tweaked the camera to make it smoother, it feels like a mario cam a bit, as when you go forward fast, camera tryes to catch up and makes the distance between the player and camera, giving that nice speedy feel to it.
  • Fixed some animations with players, still some issues as I need to remake animation masks for the character probably, for more slick transitions.

Probably does not look like a lot, but it was quite a time working on all these things and all the issues that appear from thin air. For this month I’m wanting to make more gamemodes for the game (so its not just races) inspired by other games.