Devlog #33

Not such a productive week as AstroDud development kinda slowed down a bit, but made some interfaces and a logo for another game that might not be created but.. yeah.


At the moment the only thing that was accomplished in astrodud was remaking the item system completely, making the equipment groups dynamic, different item types, everything is an item, coins, customizations, rewards, boosts, chests etc.

It required a lot of refactoring which I didnt do, another team member did, but this will allow us to use this item system for all the future games as its very generic, we can now even have shop with items in it not just chests, limited items etc. Many fun stuff can be added now, the main reason to do it like this was for daily challenges and battle pass system.


So, we were thinking about making something simpler after the astrodud, just to chill and work on something to see how everything can be handled from the last projects and how to manage everything with multiple projects and servers.

I began drawing some ludo game related logo and a interface, its almost finished, could’ve finished it easily in a week, but hesitated a lot due to IRL stuff, but depending on the upcoming week I might complete it, as we will test astrodud major changes, and if everything will work we continue on astrodud and if not I will be able to work on the UI for ludo, so thats that.

So that blog wouldnt be so depressing, I will add some pictures, and will inform everyone in two weeks about how the things went 🙂