Devlog #20

Took about a week off from August 3rd to 10th, had to think about something, continued tweaking but as the game becomes more and more finished, there is less and less to write about that would be at least somewhat interesting.



  • Fixed damage pop text, that shows the damage, state of the hit, there was an issue when you shoot, you go behind the object you shot, but text still appears like its in front, so just had to use WorldToSpace thingys and solved it.
  • Convoys now travel to small blackholes that appear randomly in space, convoy shrinks when its close to blackhole and then its gone.
  • Made building limits per building, so you can have only X amount of that building built on the planet.



  • Fixed to remove planets wave countdown when planet is ‘given up’
  • Made so that when you place building on the planet, that building unselects so you wouldnt miss place two buildings instead of one
  • Made collision detection when building, so it checks if it overlaps the rectangle of other building and if it does it wont allow you to build it ofcourse
  • Made PlanetInfoRequesting, only owner sees it, it contains info like regeneration times per resource, per resource limits, and it shows now in building menu that information too.
  • Planet blackhole npc spawning tweaked, so its like additional enemy each 5 waves and hp depends on the waves too, it changes each 3 waves



  • Fixed resource alerts near the crosshair to not appear if its first update (initialization of resources in inventory)
  • Tweaked planets display info when mouse is over it to now not show resources that arent regenerated in that planet (look slicker now)
  • Added health to building display info when mouse is over it, so now hp can be checked without opening buildings inspect ui



  • Made that your claimed planet would be in different layer so when you inspect your planet(enter building mode) you wont see unnecessary objects that can intervene with building
  • Made so zoom sensitivity when in building mode would be much higher, so it would be easier to zoom in/out to the planet
  • Fixed resource drops from asteroids materials, now they are super bright instead of being grey-ish



  • Made so that planet now would have random max resource limit and random generation time of each resources
  • Did small changes on station models, each one of them are now different and will be the same in the final version of the game
  • Fixed so when all of your planets buildings were destroyed it would say “lost” instead of “won” like it did before



  • Worked on analytics for the game, so it would track basic data like, asteroids destroyed, users deaths, users repairs/respawns, buildings placing/removing, users levelups. Probably will have to write my own analytics system in the near future so it would be simpler in other games and wouldnt have any limits to it.