Devlog #18

Was quite hard week mentally, didnt accomplish a lot, main fact being that is coming to the publishing line and all it needs is tweaks, changing values and what not, which isnt as fun, and takes some time and feels exhausting to do, but after its done, it will be release and should begin working on a new project which wont take this many months to do.



  • Made different NPC types so now there is 3 different enemies npcs, small ship, bigger ship and a fighter ship, all of them will be used for planet attacking
  • Made so that npc’s have different material (dark/red colored)
  • Turret updated, added new turret version which is snipet turret, it has 2x the distance of normal turret and half the firerate
  • Tweaked alerts to be visible at all times
  • Planet building updated, now planets cost money to build them.
  • Added 4 different droids so one for each resource type


Launched , now it can be accessed for everyone, all I got to say is dont use xsolla, its pain in the ass, went with simple paypal payment implementation, which took me half of the day, when xsolla was weeks of work, and they were slow to approve it in 2weeks so I just gave up.



  • All day worked on ads for the game, so it will have video ads that will allow players to convert currency from resources faster, receive double daily gift reward and double challenge reward, this will help fund the project without any pay2win content so its win win.
  • Worked on webgl, added necessary tags, game player edited too.