Devlog #17

This week was a week off a bit, needed to reflect on all the content and stuff I make and should make, no video devlog too, streamed only ~8hours, from now on I will try to stream at least 5hours a day, atleast 5 days a week, hoping to avg. about 30hours a week of streaming, and thinking about making simple tutorials for people, nothing too advances as there are better people that does those.This week will be the finishing stuff for like making more droids, npcs, finishing up ui, icons etc. Will test it out, play it out, find some bugs maybe(probably).



  • XP boost made, so there will be a happy hour each day, which will increase XP gain by 25%
  • Made that exp log on left side of crosshair would update like resources do, so if the newest message is xp message it would just update it instead of adding another one
  • Resource harvester particle effects done
  • When npc is destroyed it will explode for that slick look that it wouldnt just dissapear
  • Buildings upgrades changes buildings color



  • Particle bug fix, which was needed for synchronizing buildings particle effects, for ex: turret shooting creates laser particle, when resource harvester is full and requires collecting particle will stop
  • Added rarity info to items, so there will be common, uncommon, rare, mythic types and will change inventories/banks slot color to it’s type