Devlog #16

Received nice feedback on the devlog, which is great and gives me more motivation to not just make devlogs but to work on a game in general to have more to show off, which is great, also managed to stream 5 days this week, which is ~18 hours in total, not a lot, my goal is atleast 30 a week, but getting there slowly but surely, the thing is I got stuck on the game, on what to do next, which caused streams being shorter.



  • Fixed droid hovering issue when you would send droid to planet and it wouldnt comeback
  • Tweaked droid info panel resource color
  • Fixed blackhole hit detection, when you hit blackhole and you own that planet it says “hit” and if you dont then its “block”
  • Wave counter slider, which shows up when you own a planet, and tells which wave is currently started or how much time until the next wave
  • Created wave start/end UI animation on top, so it notifies the person about the waves



  • Tweaked droid to also have material on it, so each droid will have different material on it instead of changing colors
  • Tweaked planet info ui to appear on position of mouse
  • Made so you can highlight buildings on your planet, which shows name and button to press to open inspect window of building



  • Building inspect finished resource harvester resource setting, so you can change which resource to harvest in the inpsect ui trough dropdown selection
  • Building inspect shows sliders of what stats does buildings have, and how much it will increase on the next level



  • Building inspect made building upgrading
  • Buildings now have max level they can reach too
  • Tweaked server side code to work even more slick for that sweet sweet 1000+ npc support



  • Tweaked when you exit building mode to allow aiming again
  • Building inspect updates collect button for resource harvester to the amount there is to collect



  • Remade particle effect of ships, so now its found by name, which makes it possible to create different NPC’s so some will be small, big etc.
  • When building health is full it wont let you repair it in building inspect ui
  • Created left side ‘combat’ alerts, which shows exp received and resources received, also when you receive more resources when the other alert didnt disappear and is first, it will be updated and ‘bounce’ to inform player it changed, which will not cause multiple same type of alerts and just is cleaner in general.
  • Turrets have been finished and has more properties then expected: accuracy, fire rate, distance and damage, which will let us to make different type of turrets, already have ideas for a flamethrower, sniper and laser rifle