Devlog #15

Started daily streaming, making devlog videos on youtube channel, I also upload the VOD’s of streams there



  • Made buildings have scriptable objects, so it holds the base info of the buildings, such as : prefab, price, name, max health and limit(of how many these buildings can be on single planet)
  • Buildings database class, which just holds every building scriptable object, so it would be possible to loop trough them runtime to display what buildings there is to build in interface
  • inventory controller hasblueprint function to check if you have the blueprint for that specific building
  • remade max resources completely, which now has seperate limits per resource type
  • Resource space box item created, it increases specific resources type capacity

Common Resource Space Box

Uncommon Resource Space Box

Rare Resource Space Box

Mythic Resource Space Box


Worked a lot on, had some problems with xsolla, managed to fix them now all I need to wait is for the verification, then I should be able to release it.

I came upon a problem with NodeJS server which is annoying, that other clients cant connect to it from outside network due to library, dont know yet how to solve it but it should resolve by reinstalling nodejs to home folder instead of root.



  • Drawn and coded building mode interface (when building planets)



  • Building upgrading interface, in which you will see specific building information, stats and functions like :upgrading, collecting ,repairing, destroying
  • Fixed up the damage pop effect to change alpha to 0 instead of deactivating which caused them not being destroyed if player doesnt turn around
  • Fixed inventory ui, super annoying problem, spent couple hours on it and all it needed was to check if when I loop trough all inventories to init them if they are a prefab because surprise surprise “Resources” are all objects in the scene and in the explorer (its all that its loaded when game starts)
  • Created npc destroy callback, when npc is destroyed a callback can be called
  • Planet info added keybind element to see what button claims the planet and when you have planet claimed you will see it change to build mode button, if you already have planet you wont see it when looking at other planets



  • Fixed up building mode ui to not allow shooting etc. when you in it
  • Planet Blackholes can be destroyed which will stop more npc’s spawning to attack your planet, planet blackholes ofcourse can only be damaged by the owner of the planet
  • Planet waypoint is created when you claim planet, so you would know where your planet is.When space pirates attack your planet from spawned blackhole you will get an notification alert on screen and waypoint will be added on screen to know where they coming from
  • Fixed when warp traveling to not allow shooting
  • Updated droid model, made droid float when its docked to the ship
  • Building info window dropdown for resource harvester which will allow to set which resource should be mined from the planet