Devlog #11

This week was only for the streaming emote toolkit, void engineer is almost finished and kinda stopped for a week now, should be done this month too just like the toolkit should be.


Made style name show in main page for selecting the style


Made NodeJS/SocketIO server for fetching listings from etsy, storing them, checking for new ones every hour, if new ones are found they are added, and when anyone opens page they are sent and displayed

Wednesday- Thursday-Friday

  • Added female style items and new category (back hair) which are the hair thats behind everything
  • Remade emote categories system completely, adding more options, optimisations, settings like flip horizontaly, change color to x elements color, rotation, scale etc.
  • Made 20 emote categories
  • Made emote selector style changes to make it more appealing


  • Remade pay page to show selected emotes images not names
  • Added stepper progression, every 4 badges you get a 10cent discount per page
  • Payment confirmation (almost done, all is needed to create the callback and download page for buyer)