Devlog #10

Was a decent week, not much of work done, but felt better this week, kinda weird how long this week was, like, I didnt code anything for few days and it felt like few weeks.. Weird..

Also one thing I’am thinking about with other project/projects is filming devlogs for youtube, previewing progress, talking about progress and maybe fast forwarder bits of making the game.Probably would be only like 5minutes maybe 10minutes long.


Void Engineer

Convoys have generators now, which makes them invincible until all the generators are destroyed, generators power up the shield of convoy to make it harder to destroy, and the convoy’s defenders would be more annoying and not as easy to beat, preview:


Twitch Emote Toolkit

Made dynamic equipments categories so whenever theres a need for new category it would be easy to create, so when I make new styles it wont require hard coding.


Void Engineer

Quick fixed the convoys generators indicator, made that indicators would be visible only when you are near the convoy, as previously it was visible from the same distance as nametag and that made hard to see distance text due to generator indicator


Took these days off, no reason, just felt demotivated and burned out


Void Engineer

  • Fixed up the key blocking, so that when you are interacting with full screen interface or with any input field, the keys you press wouldnt work on ship controls etc.
  • Made a quick command for spawning warpgates, which will help to test stuff, travel to stuff etc, ofc its only used by developers.

Twitch Emote Toolkit

  • Spent majority of day making/finishing dynamic equipments, so the tabs would be automaticly created without any interaction, so new emote styles will take just creating new object in equipments class and adding the equipments categories
  • Equipments categories upgraded so it would automaticly add all the items from the folder
  • Randomize Equipments button (just put on random items)
  • Remade database equipments saving, now it wont require any interaction after adding new styles, equipments etc.
  • Made quick interface change, equiped items will be green so it would be easy to know what you are equiped now
  • Equipments removal, some of the equipments cant be taken off, so there would be an X button in the category to take it off.
  • Equipments mirror duplicate, some of the equipments like eyes, eyebrows, eye pupils and so on, will be duplicated and mirrored.

Current state of toolkit preview: